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Wedding Invitations

You can choose any card style - Postcard - BiFold or TriFold for your Invitation. Your invitations are meant to capture your love story and your personalities so your Wedding says YOU.
We create and design beautiful personalized luxury Invitations.

KardZee has three different types of Card styles that you can use for Invitations. TriFolds with three panels inside and out. BiFolds with two panels inside and out and Postcards with two sides.

You can add a Video message about your love story to your Invitation.

KardZee can add a complimentary video message to your Invitation. A message of how your love story started and grew. You no not need a professional video but if you have one great, a simple personal message from your Phone camera is really good as well.

We send Email copies of the real Invitation to all your Guests.

Your Guests get a real Invitation Card and an Email copy all for the price of the card. The email ensures your Guest got their card.

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