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RSVP Management

First off, you don’t need any RSVP cards and you don’t need to manage them either.

You’re busy, you have a lot to do. On KardZees, the RSVP’s are right on the Invitation which is super handy for large or Destination Weddings. No matter what size your Wedding is though, RSVP cards are a pain. It’s a lot of extra work, paper, postage and management. With KardZee Invitations, Guests RSVP either by scanning or texting their response right from the invite. Guests get another opportunity to RSVP from the digital version of their Invitation that we email them. KardZee will manage your Wedding RSVP for just $1 extra per card sent.

RSVP’s have never been easier. We manage it all for you, so you don’t have to do it.

Card recipients can RSVP direct from their Invitations

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